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Driving Automotive Forward

Electrification. Driver-assist technologies. Whatever your automotive design challenge, our analog and embedded processing products, design resources and easy sourcing and purchasing help you deliver innovation faster and prepare for the road ahead.

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Hybrid, electric & powertrain

Greater electrification. Less emissions. It is about more than meeting regulations. From optimizing combustion engines to removing battery wiring to modular systems, we help you unlock the full potential of your hybrid and electric powertrain. 

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)

More automation. Safer roads. Driver assistance takes the driver's seat. Our scalable, industry-leading products help you design ADAS systems that stay ahead of expectations while managing cost.

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Body electronics & lighting

More personalized. More convenient. What if every seat was the best seat? Our products and expertise can help you design more advanced, efficient and flexile lighting, HVAC, body control modules, gateways and body motor systems.

Infotainment & cluster

More intuitive. Better quality. Rival consumer electronics. Our products and resources enable the fast and secure data transfer needed for telematics, pixel-perfect displays and real-time diagnostics needed for high-quality audio.

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Passive safety

Since the 1980s, our products have enabled anti-lock braking, vehicle stability and airbag systems. Meet the stringent safety, quality and reliability requirements of these complex systems today using our highly integrated devices.

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